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coduri la cs
coduri la cs.zip
Hosted by eSnips
Cum sa trisati la counter ??? ... simplu ... mai intai deschideti counter strike 1.6. Dupa deschidere dati New game ... dupa aceea apasati butonul ` din coltul stang al tastaturii de sus. Api va va aparea "console" ... scrieti acolo urmatoarele coduri si dati submit .... DAR ... codurile sunt valabile numai in *HOST GAME ... dar iata totusi codurile:
Adjust gravitysv_gravity <-999 - 999999>
Arctic sniper rifle givespaceweapon_awp
Auto-aim with sniper riflesv_aim
Auto-reload disabled-reload
Auto-reload enabled+reload
Change crosshair coloradjust crosshair
Change skinsskin
Disable the crosshair to enlarge when shootingcrosshair <1-5>
Faster backwards motioncl_backspeed 999
Faster forward motioncl_forwardspeed 999
Faster side motioncl_sidespeed 999
Get indicated itemgive
Hyper auto-aim disabledsv_clienttrace 0000
Hyper auto-aim enabledsv_clienttrace 9999
Level selectchangelevel
Reveal how much time is left on the maptimeleft
See and fire through walls and objects, default is 3600gl_zmax<0-9999>
See things brightly without flashlightlambert -1.0001
Set freeze period at the start of rounds. Set to 0 to disable, default is 6(For use on server machine only)mp_freezetime
Set maximum length in minutes a round can last, default is 5(For use on server machine only)mp_roundtime <3-15>
Set minutes between map rotations, default is 0(For use on server machine only)mp_timelimit
SetC4 timermp_c4timer <1-100>
Toggle auto-help hint messages, default is 1ah <0>
Toggle crosshairs in observer mode, default is 1cl_observercrosshair <0>
Toggle flashlight use, default is 1(For use on server machine only)mp_flashlight <0>
Toggle footsteps, default is 1(For use on server machine only)mp_footsteps <0>
Toggle friendly fire(For use on server machine only)mp_friendlyfire <0>
Toggle graphnet_graph <0>
Toggle map briefings after new levels load, default is 1dm <0>
Toggle to see ghosts in observer mode, default is 0ghosts <0>
Unbind key commandunbind
View other players' fragscl_hidefrags 0
Whiten all surroundings at 800x600 resolutionr_lightmap 1



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